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Jeremy Burchell fca has had an interesting &  varied commercial career.

From being based in Europe, working with a multinational company in the capacity of a financial/legal executive and trouble-shooter, he travelled the world arranging/overseeing contracts, acquiring  & starting up companies, through to ladies fashion, and to now bringing Italian wines to the UK market.

After living & working in Europe for some time he retired for the 1st time. Deciding to spend more time in the UK with his family. Slowly on a very part time basis he helped his wife, Suzanne, in her business, assisting with the financial side of her ladies wear fashion agency. As the business grew, he became increasingly involved, accompanying her to see existing & new manufacturers in Europe to view collections, and then branching out to marketing and sales where strangely for a chartered accountant he was successful in expanding the company’s client base. On a visit to an Italian manufacturer, some 30 years ago, they were introduced to Prosecco. A match made in heaven. A wine so much enjoyed that they regularly brought home 12 cases twice a year, in the car boot!!!. Their popularity with friends & family soared, as they shared their growing knowledge and this sparkling wine.  Their palate and taste was expanded by the hospitality of Italian hosts, great and continuing friendships were made during this period. In 2007 the decision was made to sell the fashion company and retire, again. However this was not to last!!
An Italian friend of over 25 years , and now partner, known from the fashion days, telephone one day in 2012. Whilst purchasing Prosecco from her local ‘cave’ where she was a regular client, the owner Alessandro Salatin, and knew of her and her entrepreneurial attributes, her business enterprises around Europe, mentioned his company had  representatives in Europe & the USA but none in the UK. Did she know of anyone there who might be a good fit?  “Of course” she replied , “my partner Jeremy” !!!!!!

Thus in 2013 this  part of the story began, successfully acting as representatives, selling wines to companies with multiple outlets. In 2017 we decided to change the manner in which we brought wines to the UK market.

Knowing the market for Prosecco in the UK. The popularity of Italian wines in the UK, sparkling, still red & white. Our connections in Italy. The companies we represent. Burchells’ Wines was formed in 2017. It’s aim is to bring quality Prosecco docg & sparkling  wines, quality still red & white wines, directly to the public.  Sourcing for those of you who are interested, Award Winning Wines, produced by family owned companies, creating quality wines for discerning palates at reasonable prices.
And so here we are and TODAY November 1st, 2017 the adventure continues, we start this website.  WELCOME TO OUR WEBSITE.

jeremy burchell uk salatin prosecco vendor
jeremy burchell salatin prosecco importer

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